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Europe's first plastic recycling exhibition perfect ending

Date:2017-06-02 11:46:35 From: Browse times
        [China Packaging Network] the first European Recycling Show Europe (Plastics PRS) was successfully held in Holland, Amsterdam on March 29th, attracting a large number of exhibitors from europe.
        Kelun communications and European Plastics News in the European plastics Recycling Association (PRE) under the support of the organization of the two day event, over 80 exhibitors. In addition, a total of more than 40 representatives spoke at the meeting, the two day of the traffic is close to 1400, exhibitors and visitors are fully affirmed the value chain of the plastics industry, including recycling business, machine manufacturers, raw material producers, processors, waste management company and brand manufacturers.
        According to organizers, the next PRS is scheduled for 2018.
        PRE President Ton Emans at the end of the event, said: "the purpose of the activity is to support the European plastics recycling industry can thrive on a strong foundation, we want to act together to build a plastic recycling economy.".


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