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        Company Spirit

        Affable——Namely kiss and, are based on people, kiss and cherish each other, Love each other, sincerely unit, form the strong affinity and cohesiveness of the company.
        Sincere——Namely sincere, treat openheartedly, open and aboveboard, Prestige is the the highest, loyal cause , try hard to perform duty honestly, Safeguard company reputation and image.
        Philosophically——Namely take things philosophically, mind is broad , fully understand and link up, Thinking seeks common ground while reserving difference in idea, respect the individual character , give play to personal creativity, Activate the development motive force of the whole company.
        Favor——Namely the interests, high quality and high-efficient, keep the best interests balanced between company, customer, staff, cooperator, society.

        Management Theory

        “The customer is the body”—— Emphasize that enterprise development must be regarded customer as thoroughly, embody the highest market of enterprise customer and service principle.
        “Science and technology is in order to use ”—— As the new high-tech enterprise, while emphasizing the meaning in development in science and technology of scientific and technical innovation, The meaning of serving for paying attention to science and technology even more, embody the science and technology humane spirit of the enterprise.
        “Strength is caused harmoniously”—— Mean the ideal states of a kind of person, natural, social high coordinated development harmoniously, Emphasize harmoniously , refer to handling the relation between enterprise and User well on one hand here, Realize that the enterprise is maximized by own economic benefits; It strives to make enterprise and society on the other hand people at a natural one harmonious to unify, bring about an advance in modern civilization and society sustainable development.

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