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Plastic packaging four core issues large market point

Date:2017-06-02 13:46:32 From: Browse times
        Now everyone knows excessive packaging, how to promote the whole society to form green consumption patterns and other topics, by the public hot. However, this phenomenon is incorrigible, check below the core problem.
        Four core issues, big market points
        Focus 1: what are the criteria for judging excessive packaging? At the same time, we should refer to national standards and local regulations
        The State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued the "restrictions on excessive packaging of goods of general" pointed out that the so-called excessive packaging, refers to the functional requirements beyond the normal packaging, the packaging layers, voidage packaging and packaging costs more than the necessary degree of packing.
Then, what is the "degree" of excessive packaging? Is there a clear national standard? Industry experts say, for excessive packaging "degree" judgment, generally need to refer to national standards and local regulations.
At present, including the implementation of the national standard has been announced: "limit excessive packaging of goods" general "limit excessive packaging of goods for food and cosmetics" "food and cosmetics packaging metering inspection rules" "packaging of goods measurement supervision and management measures" etc..
        In addition, some areas also to limit excessive packaging and promotion of commodity packaging reduction issued a special local regulations, such as "Shanghai commodity packaging reduction provisions" "Lanzhou on Further Strengthening the excessive packaging of goods management work notice" etc..
Specific to the different industries, the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Hu Guangwei said that at present, the national standard of beverage wine, cakes, cosmetics, health food and food packaging were clearly "safeguard" limit requirements include: voidage packaging, packaging layers and packaging costs and sales prices of commodities than 3 aspects.
        For example, the packing rate of beverage and liquor should be below 55%, and the number of packages must be 3 layers and below. The packing porosity of health care products and cosmetics should be below 60%, and the number of packages must be 3 layers and below. Furthermore, the total cost of all packaging costs other than the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the selling price of the goods and cosmetics.
However, Hu Guangwei said, fruit, fresh, courier and other fields have not yet clear national standards, local regulations or guidance documents, the lack of excessive packaging standards is still a universal problem.
How about the regulatory process of excessive packaging? Chengdu quality and Technical Supervision Bureau official said, at present, China mainly adopts the form of random inspection, according to the total amount of commodities in accordance with a certain proportion of sampling.


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